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ChordSpace Playa is now deprecated
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Playa allows you, in most cases, to choose which mode is to be scale-locked to a particular chord. Those chords with alternatives have the current mode shown in red. Clicking it gives you a drop down with the alternative modes.
It is the notes of the chosen mode which will be scale-locked to the white keys in
the melody section of your keyboard. 
Only the relevant modes are available for each chord type as it makes no sense to play (for instance) a Locrian mode over a dominant 7th chord.
A different mode played over the same chord can give a radically different feel
to a piece.
Some types of chords (e.g. the augmented major 7th) have no choice as there isn't a common alternative mode (to in this case the Lydian Augmented). These chords have their modes shown in grey, and have no associated drop-down list.