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ChordSpace Playa is now deprecated
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Strum is one of three articulations available in Playa (the other two being Arpeggiators). The strum can be Up, Down or Alternating. Strum time can be independently set to Total (0-600 milliseconds)
or Gap (0-200 milliseconds)  
Both the timing and velocity of the strum can be humanised. The velocity follows a log law making it useful over much of its range.
The strum articulation, when set to a short duration, is particularly good at giving a human feel to chord playing. A longer duration gives guitar style strums.
Synchronised Arpeggiator
The Sync'd Arp has a four octave range and six modes:- Up, Down, Up&Down, Down&Up, Up&Down2 and Down&Up2.
The gate determines the note length.
This Arp is synchronised to your hosts BPM clock. The ratio runs from 1 bar to 1/32nd of a bar in standard, dotted and triplet time.  
Freerunning Arpeggiator
This Arp is not synchronised to your hosts BPM clock.
Otherwise it's identical to the Sync'd Arp.